How to run a dedicate FC server

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How to run a dedicate FC server

Postby admin » Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:58 pm

To run a farcry server you will need open some few ports into your windows firewall:
TCP: 40000 - 42999
UDP: 41005, 41006, 44000, 49001

and at Client side:
TCP: from 49001 to 49100
UDP: from 49124 to 49223 *** to calculate the query port just add +123 to get the UDP corresponding port, for each TCP game Port!

First of all, to run a dedicate server, you will need download & create another folder with a Special FarCry Server Side instalation...


After you have to create a shortcut on your desktop to call your server...
Shortcut command:
c:\ubisoft\crytek\dedicate_server\bin32\farcry_winsv.exe "-IP:999.999.999.999" "sv_port 49001" "SProfile_run server"
* The server config file should be into the folder "dedicate_server\Profiles\server" with some name like: server_server.cfg

You may also need the CryNetwork.dll file (v1.4 or v1.33) to run your dedicated servers without a local IP limits and that will makes your server able to connect across the internet.

Having your server listed on LRv3:

To have your server listed on LRv3, you just need to set SV_ServerType to LAN into your server configurations "server_server.cfg" file, and also have the server IP:port registred on LRv3 datacenter (to do this, you just need open your farcry game from client side and there you will see a buttom called Register where you can add your FC dedicate server)

Q: What are the minimum requirements for a dedicated server?
A: We recommend using at least a 1.0Ghz PIII or equivalent and 512mb RAM (for each server).

Q: How much upstream and downstream bandwidth do I need to run one?
A: For 16 players we recommend 1mbps upstream and 1mbps downstream (for each server).

Q: Can I run a dedicated server and play the game?
A: Yes, but this will result in degradation of quality for other players. With a few players, this maybe acceptable, but with larger numbers we do not advise it.
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