Say hello to the latest maps on our servers!

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Say hello to the latest maps on our servers!

Postby zulu » Thu May 07, 2020 11:19 pm

Have you ever wanted to become a Far Cry archeologist? Thanks to our fellow Far Cry veteran =|HSC|= Viper we were able to lay our grimy hands on a huge number of maps (300+) that haven't been available for playing in a very long time. Most maps are FFA/TDM, but there should be something of interest to everyone in this huge treasure trove. Big shout-out to Mr. Viper for providing us with this blast from the past!

For our first upload batch we randomly picked the following maps. Spice up your gaming routine and delve into the uncharted worlds of...
  • mp_down_town (FFA/TDM)
  • mp_gallery (FFA)
  • mp_neighbor (FFA)
  • mp_PistolFight (TDM)
  • mp_pistolfight2 (FFA/TDM)
  • pistolfight (FFA/TDM)
  • mp_tagebau (FFA)
  • mp_TAWRiverb3 (ASSAULT) - 7 flags, holy moly!
  • mp_woodville (FFA)
Also re-added to the mapspace as the download was apparently broken:
  • mp_Interzone (FFA)
  • mp_pitfight (FFA)
All the servers are updated and ready to go, so if you want some variety to your daily dose of Far Cry, give these maps a spin! We will upload more maps in the upcoming weeks -- check this thread regularly to see what is new.
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Re: Say hello to the latest maps on our servers!

Postby admin » Fri May 08, 2020 11:57 am

Good Job mate!
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