ATTENTION: LRv3 temporary down.

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ATTENTION: LRv3 temporary down.

Postby Krieger » Sun Dec 29, 2019 3:20 am

*** LRv3 Temporary Down ***

Since one day our official website is having certain issues with the DNS. Since LRv3 seems to be not properly linked with our BackUp MasterServer which we already had with LRv2. There are now some more issues, that we cant fix until our main MasterServer is back up running.

During the downtime of LRv3 we've temporary rebooted LRv2, which does work properly with our BackUp MasterServer to allow everyone to play FarCry during that time.

EVERYONE has our latest "FCLoader v5.2" installed.

Just click at the "LR2" button to load up LRv2 instead.

-- Attention: There might be persons that don't have the latest version of LRv2, maybe because there did quickly switch over to LRv3. These players might receive an automatic Update when opening the game. Altought that Update will actually fail for you...

To fix that failing Update, you have to follow the next steps.

1. Go to your FarCry main directory.

2. Open the folder "FCLoader".

3. Rename the folder called "LR2" to "LRv2".

4. Startup FarCry again with the second button from the left in the "FCLoader v5.2" program.

5. Now the Update should be Successfully!

6. Now you have to rename the folder "LRv2" back to "LR2" - just how it was before.

7. Now startup your FarCry using the "FCLoader v5.2" program and click the button "LR2". Click yes to load the game.

Thats it! Now you can play on the gameserver which is temporary available until LRv3 is back working next week.

We apologise the trouble.

We're already working to fix up LRv3 and make everything back to normal :ok!:

Your LRv3-Team
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