Some few LRv3 features:

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Some few LRv3 features:

Postby admin » Wed Dec 23, 2020 4:15 pm


What is LR?
LR Extension isn’t just another Extension made for FarCry Multiplayer, it is the result of years of development to improve and simplify the game, with the point making it easier for players to play the multiplayer part of FarCry.
(Since Ubisoft stopped their services for FarCry Multiplayer, NOW LR have our own datacenter without need ubisoft's controls any more, now you can play FC1 online without need any CDkeys from ubisoft to login, LRvx became one of the main solutions to continue playing our beloved FarCry)[/color]
* IMPORTANT: With LR patches you dont will need any CDkeys or even do the Login on the Ubisoft datacenter to play online (multiplayer)


There we have some few new features in this LR Patch, such as:

* Powerful anticheaters system control (There are no cheaters in farcry at all)
* Maps download system in real time (in case that you don't have the map, the game will ask if you wanna download it in the moment)
* Vote pannel system to select between the next 3 maps to play, when the last round played map get finished
* GUID system with the datacenter on LRv3 website (no more ubisoft logins, and now every player have their own GUID number too on LR system, from this way the server admins have a full control on every: ban, punishment and kicks.)
* LR's servers list, now you are able to join servers which are listed in another serverlist apart of the “Internet (UBI)”, which is the “Internet (LR)” serverlist.
* Better game play, that is much more optimized and without 2 much lags & issues as we had experiment before
* Bot players with advanced "AI" system, now the bot players can not just attack and defend the flags, but also they can: build objects, climbing ladders, blow the walls, throw nades, and pick up many different paths to get the flags (defending or attacking).
* Better admins and users control panels in game.
* New and improved gamemodes, such as: (CTF) Capture the Flag / (CAH) Capture and Hold & (CTB) Capture the Transmission Base
* And much, much more stuff..

To install the game/play you just will need:
1) install the farcry game in your hard disk, (ej.: C:\ubisoft\Crytek\FarCry\)
2) Then update the patchs until the 1.4 cumulative patch
3) Then after this just download and install the LRv3 patch "FCLoader v5.2"
4) Then configure and run this FCLoader launcher and select the LR3 option on the menu to play, that's all!
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Re: Some few LRv3 features:

Postby zulu » Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:52 pm

Thanks for the list and the feature roundup, Deltree! And to anyone still unsure what you get with LR as a player or as a server admin, please also have a glance at this in-depth look here: ... nniversary
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