PacketLoss (Lags) Issues?

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PacketLoss (Lags) Issues?

Postby admin » Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:37 pm

if you are experiencing too many lags and you are not sure if the problems is from the servers De-sync or inconsistant FPS is due to the server hardware or network routing?

Firstly of all be sure that you aren't experiencing a "BOTTLENECK ISSUES"... If it is not the case then keep read the followed lines!

Join to FWL TS3 at the time you see this de-sync / low fps and we can check our servers current hardware for any issues, and in the event we can not fix these issues by ourselfs but we can report these trace route log's to the host provider and then they will always offer to us, the option of a server move to new or different hardware or will help diagnose our server if no issues are found.


To rule out packet loss download this tool: WinMTR_x64

1) Run the file by right clicking on it and "run as administrator"

2) In the hostname field add your game servers IP only "without the port" (for the server IP, ask it to DelTree "LM") and then click start.

3) Leave it running for 5 minutes during the period of de-sync/lag/low fps then send us the results, and we will report this results to the host provider to see if they can diagnose any drops in traffic, network performance with a view to getting any broken routes changed/fixed on your behalf.

How to read the results:

1) You should focus to the rate of packet loss. If the packet loss rate of a specific host is 100%, please ignore because it's not meaningful. Normally it's caused by that the router doesn't response at all.
2) If the rate of packet loss is between 1% and 99%, you should check which hop is in trouble.

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