Say hello to the latest maps on our servers!

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Re: Say hello to the latest maps on our servers!

Postby zulu » Sun Jun 12, 2022 7:18 am

Big map update!

Many of you might have played the supo and 5v5 maps that we had available throughout these years, with mp_5v5_desertwar even being a popular tournament map. Thanks to returning players |-CFW-| SupoFou and |-CFW-| Gackt54 we were able to complete our collection of 5v5 and supo levels that originated with the Crazy French Warrior clan. No less than a whopping 34 ASSAULT, FFA and TDM maps will hopefully add a lot of variety to your daily dose of Far Cry:

  • mp_2v2_lorraine
  • mp_2v2_summer
  • mp_2v2_supoforest
  • mp_2v2_supostore
  • mp_2v2_supostreet
  • mp_2v2_suposurf
  • mp_5v5_canyonwar
  • mp_5v5_mountainwar
  • mp_5v5_tropicalwar
  • mp_supocanyon
  • mp_supoisland
  • mp_supovalley
  • mp_Punition_Banjo_1

  • mp_supobay
  • mp_supobeach
  • mp_supocamp
  • mp_supocamping
  • mp_supoforest
  • mp_supofrag
  • mp_supofrag2
  • mp_supoharbor
  • mp_supolake
  • mp_supomax
  • mp_suporadio
  • mp_suposhock
  • mp_suposnipe
  • mp_supostore
  • mp_supostreet
  • mp_suposurf
  • mp_supotrash

  • mp_supocrazy
  • mp_supohmygode
  • mp_suporacer​
  • mp_Klaustonaval

But wait, there is more! Supofou also made 2 new maps, appropriately called mp_supo2022 (FFA) and ​mp_5v5_supo2022​ (ASSAULT), which can now also be played on all our servers. Join us and have fun checking them out!​
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Re: Say hello to the latest maps on our servers!

Postby killroy » Mon Aug 01, 2022 3:56 am

always love new maps :claps:
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