Server Command Table for Far Cry

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Server Command Table for Far Cry

Postby admin » Tue Apr 14, 2020 3:40 am

First, hit the tilde key (~) to bring up the console and then <TAB> to showup the slash bar "\"


Now typewrite some of the followed commands...

General Commands:
\CLEAR - Clears console text.
\CONNECT [ServerIP] - Connects to the specified multiplayer server IP supplied.
\RECONNECT - Reconnects to the most recent multiplayer server.
\DISCONNECT - Breaks the client connection with the current multiplayer server.
\LISTPLAYERS - Lists current players on the server by name and ID.
\RCON_CONNECT - Connects to the RCon (Remote Control) server.
\RCON [Command] - Execute a console command on a RCon (Remote Control) server.
\SV_CHANGEMAP [Mapname, Gametype] - Changes to the specified map and game type. If no gametype is specified, the current gametype is used.
\SV_DEDICATEDMAXRATE [Rate] - Changes the server update speed in bits per second for dedicated servers.
\SV_RELOADMAPCYCLE - Reloads the mapcycle file, specified in the sv_mapcyclefile cvar.
\SV_RESTART [time] - Restarts the game in the number of seconds specified.
\QUIT - Exits Far Cry.

Information/Debugging Commands:
\R_DISPLAYINFO [0,1] - Toggles rendering information display including Frames Per Second (FPS). 0=Off, 1=On.
\R_FLUSH - Flushes system cache and reloads textures to remove graphical anomalies. Doesn't appear to work at the moment in either mode.
\DSTATS [0,1] - Displays debugging statistics.
\MEMINFO [0,1] - Displays memory information by modules.
\MEMSTATS [0,1] - Displays extensive memory statistics. The display of this information can slow your machine down to a crawl so be careful.
\R_PROFILESHADERS [0,1] - Displays profiling information on rendered shaders. 0=Off, 1=On.
\R_SHOWVIDEOMEMORYSTATS [0,1] - Displays information about video memory usage. 0=Off, 1=On.
\S_SOUNDINFO [0,1] - Toggles onscreen sound statistics. 0=Off, 1=On. (Devmode only).
\D3D9_NV30_PS20 [0,1] - Toggles PS2.0 shaders on Nvidia NV30 graphics cards. 0-Off, 1=On. Improves image quality but reduces FPS. (Devmode only).

Client commands:
cl_netstat - Displays the client network stats
cl_display_hud - toggles the display of the HUD (some MP hud elements will not be removed - this is a bug)
cl_password - sets the client password for passworded servers
cl_rcon_password - allows the client to enter the server remote admin password
cl_rcon_port - allows the client to enter the server remote admin port
cl_rcon_serverip - allows the client to enter the server remote admin ip
cl_scope_flare - toggles the scoped weapon flare sprite
cl_timeout - sets the client timeout value
cl_ubiname - manually sets the username
cl_ubipassword - manually sets the password (don't works anymore)
cl_cmdrate XX - Limit the number of command packets "XX" sent in bits per second, from client to server; (ex.: 80)
cl_updaterate XX - Limit the number of update packets "XX" sent in bits per second, from the server to client; (ex.: 50)
cl_maxrate XX – Max in bits per second can be sent from client to server; (ex.: 100)

Server commands:
sv_password - sets a server password to lock the server
sv_changemap - changes the level to the specified map
sv_restart - restarts the server
sv_maxplayers - sets the max number of players that can join
sv_name - renames the server
sv_netstats - displays the server statistics
sv_port - defines the port on which the game is broadcast
sv_rcon_password - sets the remote admin password
sv_servertype - defines the type of server, LAN or UBI (internet)
sv_timeout - sets the time at which clients timeout
sv_maxcmdrate – Defines the maximum number of times per second the client can send commands to the server (5-100); = "100"
sv_maxupdaterate – Limit the max amount of commands of updates rate per second that the server can send to the client (5-100); = "80"
sv_maxrate - INTERNET server bandwidth between 30000 - 800000; = "768000"
sv_maxrate_lan - LAN server bandwidth 'maximum' 100000; = "100000"
sv_DedicatedMaxRate - Set the maximum update frequency (per second) if it's a dedicated server; = "100"

Bot Players:
bot_enable - Enable verysoft bots on gameserver? (1=yes / 0=no)
bot_quota - Quota of bots enabled on server between both teams
bot_dif - Bot dificulty (1-Easy / 2-Normal / 3-Regular / 4-Hard ) default is 2
bot_class - 0 = Random Class / 1 = Grunt / 2 = Sniper / 3 = Engineer
bot_difficulty - Diffilculty level of bots ingame (1-Easy / 2-Normal / 3-Regular / 4-Hard )
bot_always - 0=Spawn bots once a real player connected onto the server, 1=Spawn bots always
bot_tag - Tag shown on bots name
bot_show - Show bots in xFire
bot_spec - Allow spectators to spectate bots? (1=yes / 0=no)
bot_name - Define a default text file with the bot names, like: "profiles/server/BotName.txt"

Game rule commands:
gr_max_average_ping - Sets the maximum allowed ping on the server; 0 means no ping kick (default value is 500)
gr_countdown - when prewar is on, this value is used to specify the countdown time after a round
gr_cycle - initiates map cycle
gr_friendlyfire - toggles freindly fire
gr_invunerabilitytimer - sets the time at which players are invunerable
gr_maxteamlimit - define the max players per team
gr_minteamlimit - define the minimum player per team
gr_nextmap - defines the next level in the mapcycle to be played
gr_prewaron - toggles prewar (prewar is used in clan matches etc to only start the game when a specific number of players has joined and are ready - hence the ready button in the limbo menu)
gr_respawntime - time taken for dead players to respawn (including cycles)
gr_scorelimit - score limit before the round ends
gr_timelimit - defines the time allowed for that round
gr_max_snipers - Max snipers on a tem (default = 2)
gr_max_engineers - Max engineers on a team (default is 8)
gr_max_grunts - Max grunts on a team (default is 8)

For more commands and informations that you can use in game of FarCry, checkout this full manual (Server_Command_Table.pdf)
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